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16 Mar 2021

International Economy

Fed to Maintain Policy Rate at 0.0-0.25%, Aimed at Supporting Economic Recovery Despite Increased Inflationary Pressure (Business Brief No.3914)

KResearch assesses that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will likely maintain its policy rate at 0.0-0.25 percent during the upcoming FOMC meeting that is slated for March 16-17, 2021. Although the US economy exhibits signs of recovery, it may take a while to fully bounce back, thus prompting the Fed to keep its policy rate at near zero and continue its USD120 billion per-month asset purchases, with the aim of supporting the US economic recovery. Meanwhile, the US inflation rate is set to accelerate as a US economic recovery is underway. However, as the inflation rate may not exceed 2 percent, the US central bank will unlikely withdraw its monetary stimulus measures to slow an overheated economy should it occur....Read more

9 Mar 2021

Thai Economy

Government relief measures and positive expectations towards vaccines caused KR-ECI to recover at a faster rate compared to the post-lockdown period in 2020

The KR Household Economic Condition Index (KR-ECI) in February 2021 and the 3-month Expected KR-ECI both rose from the previous month to 39.5 and 41.3, respectively. These figures indicate that Thai households’ concerns over their livelihood have declined from the previous month as the COVID-19 situation begins to improve. The falling number of COVID-19 cases has contributed to the easing of measures in disease-control zones and resumption of economic activity. The Thai government’s relief measures have been issued effectively and in rapid succession. Meanwhile, vaccines started to arrive in Thailand during late February 2021, and have subsequently been distributed to several provinces (based on surveys conducted during late February 2021). ...Read more

15 Feb 2021

Thai Economy

Thai economy in 2021 to recover at 2.6%; downside risk lies in Thailand’s reopening for international tourists in the last quarter of the year (Business Brief No.3912)

The Thai economy in 2020 shrank less than expected due to the support of the government’s stimulus packages. In 2020, the Thai economy contracted by 6.1 percent, which is slightly less severe than KResearch’s projection of -6.7 percent. The smaller-than-expected contraction can be primarily attributed to the government’s stimulus measures, particularly the “Let’s Go Halves” ...Read more



16 Mar 2021


Thailand’s xEV market to grow by at least 69 percent in 2021; share of domestic xEV sales to account for more than half of total automobile sales in less than 10 years (Current Issue No.3196)

KResearch projects that the sales of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) in 2021 will likely amount to 48,000-50,000 units, or growth of 63-70 percent YoY. Such innovative vehicles are set to become the standard models for numerous car brands, providing the foundation for a complete shift to new automotive technologies in the future....Read more

15 Mar 2021


Rice exports in 2021 to remain stable at 5.8-6.0 million tons amid ongoing challenges; jasmine rice best performer in export markets (Current Issue No.3195)

KResearch views that Thailand’s rice exports in 2021 will likely remain steady at around 5.8-6.0 million tons, or an estimated growth rate of 1.3-4.8 percent YoY. This rate is higher than the total growth of demand for rice in the global market, which stands at 1.7 percent. Jasmine rice exports to the United States, in particular, enjoyed considerable growth at 0.54-0.56 million tons in 2020, or growth in the range of 10.7-14.8 percent YoY. This contributed to growth in Thailand’s overall exports of jasmine rice which amounted to 1.3-1.35 million tons...Read more

12 Mar 2021


Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Eco-Friendly Products and Services if Prices Do Not Exceed 20% of Regular Prices (Current Issue No.3194)

KResearch is of the view that although Thais have increasingly attached importance to environmental problems, their decision to purchase eco-friendly products and services may depend on many factors. These include whether such products and services help address environmental issues, or not, and their prices must be reasonable. Our survey shows that Thai consumers are willing to buy environmentally-friendly products and services if their prices do not exceed 20 percent of regular prices. Related entrepreneurs must therefore ensure that their manufacturing and service costs are within that threshold (though this depends on specific products and services) while also accelerating their efforts in building consumer confidence in their brands such as displaying eco-friendly labels. ...Read more



5 Mar 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht weakened while the SET rose above 1,500 points again

The Baht hit a near 4-month low of THB30.51/USD. The Baht weakened along with other Asian currencies, while the US dollar extended gains on the rising US bond yields, supported by the Fed Chair’s remarks signaling that the Fed would have no additional measures to slow the yield upward trend. The US yields were also boosted by hopes for the US stimulus measures and stronger-than-expected US economic data. ...Read more

25 Feb 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht weakened while the SET fluctuated throughout the week

The Baht traded at the weaker side of THB30.00/USD. It fell early in the week along with net foreign stock and bond selling orders. Meanwhile, the US dollar was boosted by the rising US bond yields on the back of the US economic optimism. The US dollar’s gains were capped somewhat by the Fed Chair’s testimony on the Fed’s easing monetary policy stance. However, the Baht fell again later in the week on a report showing that Thailand’s current account posted a deficit in January. ...Read more

22 Feb 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht weakened while the SET dropped on sell-offs by domestic institutional and foreign investors

The Baht weakened but later rebounded later in the week. The Baht moved in a tight range before weakened later due to the strengthening greenback on the rising US bond yields amid signs of the US economic recovery. However, the Baht pared losses later in the week, while the US dollar fell on a weaker-than-expected US weekly jobless claims report. ...Read more