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Industry Outlook Analysis

27 Sep 2021


COVID-19 Pandemic Dented Thailand’s August Export Growth to 8.93%, but 2021 Shipments Set to Grow at 12.4% (Business Brief No.3952)

In August 2021, the COVID-19 situation in many Asian countries became much worse due to the highly contagious Delta variant. As a result, their economic activity and manufacturing sectors were adversely affected, thus pressuring their export performances. Thailand’s exports were not spared by that i... Read more

23 Aug 2021


Export growth reaches 11-year high in July 2021… Full-year growth projected at 12.4 percent (Business Brief No.3947)

In July 2021, Thai exports maintained strong growth at 20.27 percent YoY, the highest level in 11 years and higher than the market forecast of 19.7 percent YoY. Export growth during the first seven months of 2021 was equal to 16.2 percent, ... Read more

23 Jul 2021


Global demand boosts exports across Asia in 1H21, with Thai exports boasting strong growth of 15.53 percent YoY; yet recovery remains below that of regional rivals (Business Brief No.3940)

In June 2021, Thai exports hit its highest level in 11 years with robust growth of 43.82 percent YoY, above market expectations of 38.1-percent growth. While Thai exports in 1H21 grew 15.53 percent YoY, the level was not high in comparison to the export growth of regional rivals, which generally gre... Read more

24 Jun 2021


Thai exports in May 2021 reach an 11-year high at 41.59%; full-year 2021 growth forecast at 9.0% (Business Brief No.3935)

Thai exports in May 2021 reached an 11-year high with growth of 41.59 percent YoY. Excluding oil-related products, gold, weaponry and military supplies, May’s overall exports grew 45.87 percent YoY. For the first five months of 2021, exports rose 10.78 percent YoY. However, export growth during this... Read more

25 Mar 2021


February Exports, Excluding Gold, Grew 4.0%...Growth Not in Sight for 1Q21 Shipments (Business Brief No.3918)

The global economy is projected to recover at a faster rate than prior estimate during 2021. Due to the progress on COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and growth seen in the US economy, buoyed by its massive economic stimulus package, the global economy is set to rebound to its pre-pandemic levels in 2021, a... Read more

19 Mar 2021


Global market shows recovery signs; bright prospects for Thai exports in 2021 with annualized growth of 4.5% (Current Issue No.3198)

Thailand’s latest export figure in January 2021 grew at a mere 0.3 percent YoY. Excluding gold, exports rose by 6.3 percent YoY, which reflected the recovery of Thailand’s trading partners, thanks to the commencement of COVID-19 vaccinations which have started to rejuvenate global economic activity,... Read more

23 Feb 2021


January Thai Exports, Excluding Gold, Continued to Grow in line with the Global Economy (Business Brief No.3913)

Thailand’s outward trade posted steady growth over-month in January 2021 as the global economy began to recover. Excluding gold, Thai exports increased 6.3 percent, suggesting stronger demand for Thai products abroad, in particular automotive accessories, which surged 18.8 percent YoY, against the 0... Read more

22 Jan 2021


Thai Exports, 2021: Numerous Challenges Foreseen, but Growth Projected at 3.0% after Contracting 6.0 in 2020 (Business Brief No.3908)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to persist worldwide, including in Thailand. In spite of this, hopes for COVID-19 vaccines, lesser stringent lockdown measures than the previous round of the pandemic and economic stimulus measures introduced by many countries helped support Thai exports in December 2... Read more

23 Dec 2020


Thai Exports, November 2020: Contracting at Slower Rate…But COVID-19 Pandemic in US and EU Set to Pressure 2021 Shipments (Business Brief No.3902)

Thailand’s outward trade exhibited improving signs in November 2021 despite soaring COVID-19 infections in the US and Europe. November shipments shrank only 3.65 percent YoY, against the 6.71 percent YoY contraction reported for October 2020. Excluding oil-related products, gold and arms, November ... Read more

23 Nov 2020


Thai exports recovery stumbles in October, contracting further by 6.71 percent YoY; projection for full-year 2020 remains at -7.0 percent (Business Brief No.3898)

Despite indications that the global economy would continue to recover in October 2020, Thai export figures for the month plunged by 6.71 percent YoY to USD 19.37 billion. Regardless, upon exclusion of products related to oil, gold and munitions, exports fell by 4.89 percent YoY, only a slight contra... Read more

2 Nov 2020


US moves to cut Thailand’s GSP privileges for the second time in 2020, working against US-bound exports in 2021 (Current Issue No.3157)

It is now apparent that Thailand will continue to lose its tariff privileges in penetrating the US market. In 2020, Thailand’s GSP tariff privileges have been revoked twice, totaling approximately USD 2.2 billion, or 45 percent of export value for products that benefit from GSP (Total Thai exports c... Read more

22 Oct 2020


Thai exports in Sep. 2020 shrink 3.9%, with contraction of 7.0% expected for full-year 2020 (Business Brief No.3892)

Thai exports in September 2020 stood at USD 19.6213 billion, or a contraction of 3.9 percent YoY, amid a rise in global demand compared to the previous month. Thai exports over the first nine months shrank 7.3 percent YoY, with the lone bright spot being export growth in electronic products and elec... Read more

24 Sep 2020


August Exports Contracted Slower than Expected at 7.9%, but Close Attention Must be Paid to Global Economic Risks (Business Brief No.3886)

Thailand’s outward trade contracted 7.9 percent YoY in August 2020. As a result, 8M20 exports shrank 7.8 percent YoY. Excluding oil, gold and arms exports, Thai shipments, however, contracted 14.1 percent YoY in August 2020, accelerating over the 13.0 percent YoY shrinkage reported for July 2020. Au... Read more

22 Sep 2020


Stringent Controls on Myanmar’s Border May Have Short-term Impact on Border Trade, but 2020 Cross-Border Exports to Myanmar Projected to Fall below THB100 Billion due to COVID-19 (Current Issue No.3138)

Thailand is facing hurdles in transporting goods across the border to Myanmar again after a recent announcement by Myanmar to tighten its cross-border controls as part of its COVID-19 prevention and control measures. Such controls include a requirement for truck drivers from Thailand via Chiang Rai’... Read more

24 Aug 2020


Thai Shipments Contracted 11.4% in July…2020 Exports Projected to Shrink 12.0% Amid Risks to Global Economy (Business Brief No.3881)

Thailand’s outward trade was USD18,819 million, shrinking 11.4 percent YoY in July 2020. Excluding oil, gold and arms shipments, Thai exports, however, contracted 13.0 percent YoY. Gold exports reverted to growth of 37.2 percent YoY in July in line with global gold prices, while industrial product a... Read more