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Industry Outlook Analysis

27 Mar 2019


Senior freelance community…an option for the elderly to earn income and create opportunities for businesses (Current Issue No.2974)

Thailand has been an aging society since 2005. According to the latest information in 2018, there are 11.8 million senior citizens, representing 17.7 percent of the total population. From the business perspective, the demographic shift creates an opportunity for Thai companies to rethink and adjust ... Read more

11 Dec 2018


New Year: Bangkokians expected to spend more than THB30.8 billion, and to be more selective about recipients and gifts (Current Issue No.2944)

KResearch survey reveals that more than 59 percent of the respondents choose to celebrate the 2019 New Year in Bangkok, which is close to last year’s figure of 60 percent, due to heavy traffic, the crowded atmosphere and concerns over their spending power. However, most of the respondents have made ... Read more

4 Jun 2018


Private Hospital Business, 2018: Opportunities to Tap into Chinese Medical Tourists (Current Issue No. 2912)

KResearch is of the view that there is heightened competition among private hospitals vying for Thai patients here because purchasing power of such patients remains subdued. Although private hospitals have opportunities to expand their customer bases by capturing the growing number of senior citizen... Read more

9 Mar 2018


Restaurant Business: Expected to Rise 4-5% in 2018 (Current Issue No. 2904)

At present, more restaurateurs are setting up in department stores and other large retail facilities. The current expansion in new shopping malls a... Read more

28 Dec 2017


More Challenges Facing Retail Trade in 2018 Amid Rising Competition from Non-Retail Businesses (Current Issue No. 2891 Full Ed.)

The phenomenon of swift expansion and continual uptrend in e-commerce is viewed by KResearch as a significant turning point in retail trade resulti... Read more

3 Nov 2017


Millenials and Medium-Income Earners Dictate Current Media Content (Current Issue No. 2877 Full Ed.)

An online poll conducted by KResearch shows that a majority of Thai consumers believe that keeping abreast of news is an important task. Th... Read more

25 Sep 2017


“Creating a Customized Experience”: Key Strategy for Small Retailers (Current Issue No. 2868 Full Ed.)

We at KResearch are of the view that competition in the online-shopping market here is heating up as Thai and international companies have ... Read more

25 Jul 2017


Income from International Patients Up 3-4% in 2017 (Current Issue No. 2859 Full Ed.)

The number of patients from Middle Eastern countries visiting Thailand for medical treatments has declined steadily due chiefly to changes in their... Read more