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Industry Outlook Analysis

28 Jun 2019


Inbound tourism in 2H19 improves slightly from 1H19… KR keeps the projection for 2019 international visitors at 39.0-39.8 million (Current Issue No.3003)

In 1H19, inbound tourism slowed due to various factors; whereas, the overall number of tourists and slowing growth rate were as expected (party due to high base effect in 2018), in spite of some differences in details in each market. For example, the number of Chinese tourists is lower than expec... Read more

9 Apr 2019


Songkran 2019…seven-days of festivities are expected to generate approximately THB28 billion in tourism income. (Current Issue No.2978)

The anticipation toward Songkran this year has been dampened by the air pollution in the northern part of Thailand. At any rate, since the smog in the north had continued for some time, tourists have adapted to the situation and adjusted their travel plans to other areas. Meanwhile, the drought in m... Read more

28 Feb 2019


Thai Exports and Tourism Likely be Spared from India-Pakistan Conflict (Current Issue No.2970)

The intensifying tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir two weeks ago has led to the airspace closure in northern Pakistan and parts of India, being the key air route between Europe and Thailand. In the past, conflicts of any magnitude between the two countries were seen to affect only are... Read more

1 Feb 2019


Number of Chinese Visitors to Thailand Projected to Grow Steadily, But Close Attention Must be Paid to Development in Chinese Economy and Competition (Current Issue No.2963)

The number of Chinese tourist arrivals to Thailand bounced back quickly toward the end of 2018, thanks to a concerted effort by the private and public agencies in helping shore up confidence of Chinese tourists toward Thailand and an exemption of visa-on-arrival fee for citizens of 20 countries, inc... Read more

24 Dec 2018


Tourism activities in the last 5 days of 2018 toward 2019 are set to generate around THB47.43 billion of revenue. (Current Issue No.2947)

Tourism activities in the last five days of 2018 or between December 28, 2018 and January 1, 2019 are expected to generate THB47.43 billion of tourism revenue, up by 9.3 percent over-year, according to an estimate by KResearch. The buoyant sentiment from both local and international holidaymakers is... Read more

26 Nov 2018


Domestic trips of Bangkokian travelers generate THB58.025 billion in 4Q18…more visits to secondary cities (Current Issue No.2941)

Since early 2018, Bangkokians have recorded more domestic trips, which have been stimulated by the government’s policy to promote secondary cities via tax deduction measures, along with active campaigns of both public and private sector to introduce new tourist spots in Thailand. For the last quarte... Read more

6 Nov 2018


Thai tourism and hospitality operators increasingly rely on OTAs with OTA fees expected to reach THB29 billion-34 billion (Current Issue No.2934)

At present, the fast-paced business world is fuelled largely by digital disruption. The tourism and hospitality business is one of the industries that has experienced a rapid evolution in the past decade, with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) emerging to become a force to be reckoned with. The OTA busi... Read more

12 Oct 2018


In spite of positive factors of inbound tourism in 4Q18, Thai tourism industry braces for more challenges ahead (Current Issue No.2933)

KResearch views that after the growth of inbound tourism in 3Q18 registered the lowest rate of the year, Thailand’s inbound tourism market should pick up in 4Q18 with approximately 9.56 million international travelers expected to visit Thailand, up 3.0 per cent YoY. This is because the last... Read more

23 Aug 2018


Thailand remains the top destination of Chinese tourists … 10.9 million travelers from China are expected for 2018 (Current Issue No. 2925)

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ data, the number of Chinese tourists in Thailand in July 2018 dropped 0.9 percent over-year to a total of 930,000 persons. In contrast, the tourism receipts from the Chinese segment rose 4.5 percent over-year to THB51.38 billion. A slight slowdown is ... Read more

22 Jun 2018


Flow of Russian Tourists Interrupted by FIFA World Cup, Full-year Growth still Expected at 19.2% to 1.60 Million (Current Issue No. 2916)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia is interrupting the consistent flow of Russian tourist arrivals in Thailand. According to statistics of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the number of Russian visitors in Thailand over the first five months of 2018 surged 21.4 percent over-year to reach 80... Read more

11 Apr 2018


Emerging interest in culture and history boosts domestic tourism in 1H18, while tourist receipts are set to reach THB515 billion. (Current Issue No. 2908 Full Ed.)

KResearch expects domestic travel in Thailand in the first half of 2018 to continue its boom, driven by various factors including “Go Local” campaign and the long holiday during Songkran festival. Thais are going back to their hometowns to reunite with their families and celebrate Thai New Year, whi... Read more

13 Feb 2018


More Chinese Arrivals in Thailand Early in 2018 10.4-10.6 Million Expected for the Entire Year (Current Issue No. 2900)

This year began with strong growth in Chinese tourist arrivals into Thailand in continuation from 2017. February – having the Chinese New Yea... Read more

15 Jan 2018


Inbound tourism expected to earn THB2-trillion income in 2018 (Current Issue No. 2895 Full Ed.)

In 2018, inbound tourism market continues to be driven toward further growth. This year, the government and related agencies, incl... Read more

26 Dec 2017


Tourism Revenue to Reach THB34.15 Billion during 4-Day New Year Holidays (Current Issue No. 2888 Full Ed.)

The upcoming 2018 New Year holiday should invigorate Thai tourism further as more international and Thai tourists will take vacations here d... Read more

10 Nov 2017


75.4% of Bangkok Residents Intend to Travel at Home in 4Q17 (Current Issue No. 2879 Full Ed.)

A poll conducted by KResearch on the behavior of the Bangkok populace toward domestic travel during 4Q17 shows that 75.4 percent of the re... Read more

2 Oct 2017


Thai-US Relations & Tourism US Tourists Likely Reach 1 Million for First Time in 2017 (Current Issue No. 2872)

The Thai Premier's visit to the US, October 2-4, 2017, on an invitation by President Donald Trump, is expected to forge strong... Read more

29 Sep 2017


Chinese Tourists Up in 4Q17…Total Number to Reach 9.70 Million for 2017 (Current Issue No. 2871)

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the number of Chinese tourist arrivals to Thailand grew for the fourth consecutive month in ... Read more

25 Aug 2017


Inbound Tourism showing Bright Prospects in 2H17 Earnings from Foreign Tourists Likely to Reach THB1.81 trillion (Current Issue No. 2862 Full Ed.)

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has reported that during the first seven months of 2017 (7M17), 20.41 million tourists came to Thailand, ... Read more