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Industry Outlook Analysis

27 Nov 2019

Real Estate and Construction

New Aid Package to Bolster Residential Property Market in 4Q19 (Current Issue No.3056)

The Cabinet, November 26, 2019, approved new economic stimuli for 4Q19. These include a 50,000-Baht subsidy on a home purchase down payment to ease financial burden of new home buyers, being the government’s third property stimulus measure so far this year. ... Read more

22 Oct 2019

Real Estate and Construction

The reduction in transaction fees for property sector helps boost the market amid various challenging issues (Current Issue No.3044)

Since the beginning of 2019, the residential property market has faced several challenges due to a slowing economy, which affects the confidence of buyers. Moreover, the purchasing power of consumers has not fully recovered. The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio requirement, designed to control the mortgage... Read more

5 Aug 2019

Real Estate and Construction

Consumer purchasing power of residential property in Greater Bangkok has not fully recovered, leading to a high number of unsold units in 2019 (Current Issue No.3014)

The residential property market in Bangkok Metropolitan Region in the remainder of 2019 still faces several challenges, prompting developers to adopt a cautious approach in launching new projects and adjust their business plans in response to the market conditions in 2H19. Some have shifted to pro... Read more

9 May 2019

Real Estate and Construction

Residential property stimulus measures for 2019 will boost market sentiment amid economic headwinds (Current Issue No.2990)

The package includes the Finance Ministry’s residential property stimulus measure which targets the customer group with real demand. They are first-time buyers planning to buy a house with reasonable price. Additionally, there is a measure to ease the spending burden of low-income and middle-income ... Read more

18 Apr 2019

Real Estate and Construction

Condo market in 2019: Developers are cautious with the volume of project launches expected to slow to 61,000 – 64,000 units. (Current Issue No.2982)

Condominium developers are expected to face greater challenge in 2019 due to increasing economic uncertainty as well as specific factors affecting condominium market. For example, the demand for condo has been somewhat absorbed and there are a number of remaining unsold units covering a wide range o... Read more

15 Feb 2019

Real Estate and Construction

LTV Measure Affects 20% of Bangkok Residents Wanting to Buy Homes … Number of Home Ownership Transfers Projected to Contract 8.5-12.5% in 2019 (Current Issue No.2968)

The residential property market will continue to face a number of challenges in 2019. These include a fragile economic recovery in Thailand, weak purchasing power, especially of low-income earners and high levels of housing inventory. Given this, KResearch has conducted a survey on the behavior of ... Read more