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7 Sep 2021

International Economy

India’s economy and FDI soars ... Thai exports to India in 2021 set to surge 40% (Current Issue No.3265)

India is an interesting country. Aside from its economic growth that ranks among the highest in the world, it was the fifth-largest FDI recipient in 2020. KResearch perceives that future investments especially in e-commerce and ICT industries, and the manufacturing of technological devices like smart phones, electrical appliances/electronics and electric vehicles (EVs) will play a vital role in integrating India into the global supply chain. This would be beneficial to exporters of intermediary goods, including Thailand, a major electronic component manufacturer which has the potential to grow alongside India’s manufacturing industry. ...Read more

20 Aug 2021

Thai Economy

COVID-19 to Generate 61.3 Million Kilograms in Infectious Waste in 2021, Resulting in Increased Disposal Costs (Current Issue No.3257)

The persistent COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand and rising number of daily cases are set to generate increased amount of infectious waste during the remainder of 2021. We at KResearch project that the amount of infectious waste will reach roughly 61.3 million kilograms (excluding medical waste from Thai and international patients) during 2021, or a two-fold increase over the normal period when COVID-19 had yet to emerge in 2019. ...Read more

16 Aug 2021

Thai Economy

KResearch revises downward Thailand’s 2021 Economic Growth Forecast to -0.5% due to economic impact from the COVID-19 outbreak (Business Brief No.3946)

The Thai economy in 1H21 grew more than previously assessed, as seen from economic indicators in 2Q21 which rose 7.5 percent YoY, mainly due to a low base effect and accelerated export growth. As a result, the Thai economy grew 2.0 percent YoY during the first half of 2021. However, the Thai economy expanded only 0.4 percent QoQ, which indicates that it still has a weakened momentum owing to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. ...Read more



13 Sep 2021


Mooncake Market, 2021: Turnover Set to Shrink 5.7% as Consumer Purchasing Power Remains Weak (Current Issue No.3267)

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 21, 2021, presents another challenging year for the mooncake business due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, which is much worse than the previous year. As a result, consumer purchasing power remains weak, and this may affect the decision to purchase mooncakes this year. Traditionally, mooncakes are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, but its consumption tends to be restricted by the fact that they are relatively expensive. Therefore, spending on mooncakes may not recover during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. ...Read more

8 Sep 2021


Impact of E-Service Tax on Users of Foreign Digital Service Platforms (Current Issue No.3266)

As Thailand is transitioning towards a digital economy amid the increasing role of technologies in the business sector and our everyday life, including trading, entering into business agreements, and conducting financial transactions via digital platforms at home and abroad, plus the fact that such digital transactions have increasingly replaced traditional transactions, the government has sought new methods to assess related taxes and design appropriate tax policies. On September 1, 2021, the Revenue Code Amendment Act (No.53), B.E. 2564 (2021) (value-added tax (VAT) collected from foreign e-service providers) was enforced....Read more

6 Sep 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Residential Property Market Projected to be Highly Fragile during the Remainder of 2021 (Current Issue No.3262)

Most residential property developers have postponed the opening of their new projects since the beginning of 2021 due to unfavorable market conditions and the high level of unsold residential units. They have also adjusted their business strategies in line with market conditions. According to the Agency for Real Estate Affairs (AREA), new resident units launched in the Bangkok Metropolitan area totaled 25,257 during 1H21, a 15.9 percent decline YoY. The steepest fall was seen in new condominium units because of the elevated level of unsold units, and the fact that developers have shifted their strategic focus towards the low-rise housing market as there is real demand in this market. Moreover, it is less time consuming to build low-rise homes and easier to manage risks. ...Read more



17 Sep 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht broke the THB33.00/USD level, while the SET faced sell-offs at the end of the week

The Baht broke the THB33.00/USD level to hit the weakest level in 3 weeks at THB33.26/USD. A weaker Baht was in line with net foreign bond selling orders worth THB26.8 billion. The US dollar also rose along with the US bond yields, after strong US retail sales, NY Empire State Manufacturing and Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing surveys boosted expectations that the Fed could give details on tapering QE at the FOMC meeting on September 21-22....Read more

10 Sep 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht pared losses later in the week while the SET dropped but remained over 1,600 points

The Baht rose later in the week. The Baht weakened in line with net foreign stock and bond selling orders during the week while the US dollar rose as a safe-haven currency amid concerns about the global economic slowdown hit by the delta variant. However, the Baht pared those losses somewhat and rebounded later in the week in line with the Yuan and other Asian currencies, as the US dollar was weighed down by the falling US long-term bond yields and the ECB’s slowing down its asset purchase program (PEPP)....Read more

7 Sep 2021

Financial Institutions

Thai Investors’ views on Cryptocurrency Investment Trends (Current Issue No.3264)

Many new investors worldwide were rushing into the cryptocurrency market recently as it offered higher returns than other assets. Retail investors in Thailand were no exception as more of them have flocked to the cryptocurrency market to capture wide gains, though their numbers remain limited. Such investors are primarily urban income earners with high savings. According to a focus group survey conducted by KResearch recently, more than 69.4 percent of the respondents knew cryptocurrency while up to 52.0 percent were interested in cryptocurrency investment, 24.3 percent were investing in cryptocurrency, and 42.0 percent of the respondents intended to invest in cryptocurrency next year, ...Read more