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19 Aug 2008


Thai Private Hospitals: Urged to Cash in on Beijing Olympics, Attracting Clients to Thailand (Business Brief No.2256)

The Summer Olympic Games hosted by China, August 8-24, 2008, has drawn over 10,000 athletes and staff members from 204 participating countries on top of 450,000 international tourists expected to visit China during this important sports event. Moreover, it is expected that other international tourists will visit China to admire the architectural wonders of tOlympic venues after the Olympics end, so the number of international tourists going to China this year will likely increase to 140 million overall in 2008, up significantly over the 132 million visitors in 2007. In light of this favorable factor, Thai private hospitals should take this opportunity to step up advertising campaigns through various media such as local cable TV and the Internet in China to attract international tourists into visiting Thailand for health and therapeutic services here, such as spas and Thai massages, etc. Well-to-do international tourists should be attracted toward using medical services in Thailand. Significantly, Olympic officials and athletes should be sought out to visit Thailand not just for health checkups or treatments of injuries, but also for leisure.
Meanwhile, Thai private hospitals should use their basic advantages, especially better value for the money and world-class medical services as tactics to lure these international clients to Thailand. It has been found that major private hospitals in China are facing constraints in providing medical services to the increasing number of affluent Chinese and expatriate patients there.

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