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27 May 2013


Power Outages in the South: Better Energy Security Management Needed (Current Issue No. 2363 Full Ed.)

We at KResearch are of the view that the massive power blackout in 14 southern provinces that follows dwindling electric power reserves as a result of natural gas platform maintenance shutdowns in Myanmar during April, signals that our national energy security is in jeopardy.
Risks remain toward further power outages for the foreseeable future since power consumption across various regions has outpaced the average national demand as a result of rapid urbanization and business expansion upcountry. Meanwhile, power generation capacities in some regions remain lower than demand, necessitating feed from elsewhere.
Given this, relevant agencies should work together to deal with this matter. The public sector should accelerate power generation plans, purchase more electricity from private power producers or import more power from neighboring countries to ensure a sufficient domestic supply. They should also disseminate more information on related environmental impacts of any planned construction of new power plants.

The manufacturing and household sectors should be encouraged to participate in various energy conservation campaigns since this has a more immediate effect on reducing power consumption in the near-term than waiting for new power plants to come online that could take as long as 2-3 years to be commissioned.

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