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22 Dec 2014


2015 Electronics Exports Growing 3.8-5.9 Percent on Global HDD Demand Recovery (Current Issue No. 2575 Full Ed.)

Global demand for hard disk drives (HDD) bottomed out in 2013 and began to pick up in 2014 on stronger demand for HDDs in non-computer devices. During 2015, it is expected that HDD demand will recover steadily, driven mainly by: 1) enterprise DATA or cloud service providers[1]; 2) branded portable HDDs[2]; and, 3) consumer electronics. The enterprise DATA system market grew 48 percent in 2013. Such systems are used greatly in the US and are being widely adopted in Europe and Japan, as well.
As for Thailand, several service providers have begun to invest in cloud computing systems and it is expected that the investment value will reach some THB13.175 billion in 2015, which would be the second highest in ASEAN after Singapore.
We at KResearch are of the view that the recovery foreseen in global HDD demand will directly benefit the Thai electronics industry, wherein HDDs and related components together have accounted for 63 percent of Thailand's total electronics exports. We expect that our electronics exports will grow perhaps 4.8 percent to about USD33.19 billion in 2014 and 3.8-5.9 percent in 2015 to around USD34.45-35.15billion.

With regard to our electronics industry in 2015, KResearch expects that many companies will begin adopting hi-tech manufacturing processes, as well as the design of their own upstream electronic components to gain investment promotion privileges with the BOI's new promotion policies, effective in 2015, that will give priority to projects engaging in R&D and the use of advanced technologies.

[1] Enterprise data systems and cloud computing service providers whose clients are large enterprises switching from their own data storage to cloud services.
[2] Branded sold to general consumers, largely portable HDDs and related products, e.g., for personal backup storage.

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