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24 Feb 2016


Private Hospitals Competing for Thai Patients in 2016 Those with Healthcare Benefits are Main Targets (Current Issue No. 2706 Full Ed.)

KResearch expects that the income earned by private hospitals focusing on Thai patients, especially the middle-income segment, may encounter eroding purchasing power and steepened competition in 2016. However, earnings should continue to be supported by private hospitals' investment expansion via mergers and the opening of new branches, as well as rising treatment fees due to increasingly complex diseases, technology upgrades, etc.
KResearch also assessed that their income should expand about 5-8 percent YoY in 2016, slowing from the growth of 10.0 percent YoY in 2013-2014, thus somewhat lower than the forecast of 10-12 percent YoY growth for the overall listed private hospitals.
Therefore, private hospitals aiming to attract Thai clientele may need to adjust their strategies in order to sustain growth. One key strategy involves expanding their patient base towards those with private healthcare benefits, especially the elderly and children, as well as public servants and patients eligible for social security program healthcare benefits. Moreover, aside from offering medical treatments, hospitals may consider providing more comprehensive healthcare services, e.g., educating the public about nutrition and exercise, selling healthy food products, etc.

Regardless of the strategies adopted, KResearch suggests that hospitals should maintain a good balance in managing their existing resources, as well as keeping their reputation that could be marred by business adjustments.

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