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3 Nov 2017


Millenials and Medium-Income Earners Dictate Current Media Content (Current Issue No. 2877 Full Ed.)


 An online poll conducted by KResearch shows that a majority of Thai consumers believe that keeping abreast of news is an important task. They typically follow news that is substantive and entertaining at the same time, but lifestyle and business news are their favorites. Our survey also shows that the respondents tend to spend much time online and are middle-class with earnings over THB30,000/month/person. These survey results represent positive signs for news-related organizations to produce useful content for individuals, organizations and businesses ahead.

According to our poll, “short, easy-to-understand and substantive” content typically garners more interest from the audience; the most appropriate content should be presented within one minute with only 5-10 lines of text/speech. Infographics and photos with captions should be limited to 2-4 items per content clip.

We at KResearch are of the view that while news-related businesses are working to align themselves with changing consumer behavior, they should also continue to prioritize content. This is because producing good content at the right time will be followed by the people, disseminated, and swiftly transmitted by word of mouth, thus earning more attention and income for the providers as well as earning them greater esteem.

Looking ahead, a growing number of the middle-class with high educations and above average disposable incomes will likely transform the focus of news content, which is expected to become more substantive and useful toward their lives and careers. News-related organizations are thus urged to ‘wake up' and change to keep abreast of the times because consumers are looking for news that is better presented.

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