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11 May 2007


Private Hospitals: JTEPA Increasing Japanese Patients (Business Brief No.1990)


The number of Japanese patients nursed in private hospitals in Thailand is increasing, where the statistics are showing around 200,000 patients per year, annualized, after Thailand signed the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) on April 3, 2007. It is expected that this agreement will become effective in October 2007. That agreement is the best opportunity to create a relationship in trade and investment between the two countries. Moreover, it will increase the volume of Japanese patients who get treatment in Thailand. Japanese patients are typically Japanese employees working in Thailand and Japanese patients who have sought medical care in Thailand. Japanese patients generate a handsome income for the country and private hospital business. However, the Thai authorities have to prepare more for Japanese patients that come to be treated in Thailand by providing training courses for medical personnel on the Japanese language and culture to better understand the needs of Japanese patients. In addition, the authorities should produce medical personnel to support the demand of both foreign and domestic patients.


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