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Industry Outlook Analysis

9 Aug 2019


Closely watch the State Oil Fund Act 2019 ... and future of biofuels (Current Issue No.3019)

The State Oil Fund Act 2019, effective on September 24, 2019, will terminate price subsidies for biofuels within three years. Nonetheless, the government has not announced criteria or regulations in the aftermath of price subsidy abrogation. KResearch views that the termination of the price subsidy ... Read more

22 May 2019


Converting Agricultural Waste into Value-Added Bio-Fuel (Current Issue No.2996)

A rapid rise in demand for bio-fuel is attributable to several basic reasons. These include concern over the shortage of fossil-based fuels and the need to reduce dependency on such fuels by turning to bio-fuel that is more environment friendly as it helps cut greenhouse gas emissions, increase farm... Read more

12 Apr 2019


Euro 5 diesel presents an option to boost efficiency for logistic businesses (Current Issue No.2980)

In February 2019, the Energy Ministry announced measures to tackle PM 2.5 dust by upgrading the diesel standard to Euro 5, which limits the emission of sulfur compounds to under 10 parts per million (PPM) from 50 PPM under Euro 4. KResearch views that if business operators switch to premium grade di... Read more