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Industry Outlook Analysis

3 Oct 2019


Thai electronic industry opportunity…is presented by the advent of EV and IoT electrical appliances which will drive exports by additional USD1.3 billion in 3 years (Current Issue No.3037)

Thailand’s electronic industry is about to reach a saturation point, and its stance in the global supply chains has gradually become weaker. Thailand, therefore, needs to speed up reforming its electronic industry in line with the evolving technology products in the world market, instead of trying t... Read more

23 Sep 2019


As neighboring countries enter global supply chains, Thai industry must safeguard its competitive edge (Current Issue No.3032)

Thailand may lose its comparative advantage and soon be surpassed by emerging countries such as Vietnam mainly because Thailand is no longer competitive in terms of labor cost. This is particularly evident in the electronics and textile and apparel industries. Although Thai industry still has a comp... Read more

9 Sep 2019


Mooncake market in 2019: Price factor...pushes market value up 2.1% (Current Issue No.3029)

KResearch has surveyed consumer behavior during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year and found that most Thais are still interested in buying mooncakes with the proportion of mooncake purchases rising to 61.4 percent in 2019 from 59.6 percent registered in 2018. Most consumers buy Chinese delicacies fo... Read more

28 Aug 2019


Thai Luxury Car Exports to China Look Promising Amid the US-China Trade War (Current Issue No.3026)

Amid a new round of the US-China trade dispute, China has announced a 25 percent tariff hike on US car imports, effective December 15, 2019. This is expected to adversely affect US car shipments to China later on. However, it may benefit Thailand because luxury carmakers, namely BMW and Mercedes Ben... Read more

23 Aug 2019


2019 Thai Car Shipments to Shrink 2.7%, But Pick-Up Truck Exports May Grow 2.4%...FTA Negotiations, Especially with EU Needed to Maintain Export Growth (Current Issue No.3025)

KResearch projects that Thai car exports overall may contract 2.7 percent to 1,110,000 units in 2019, dampened by a number of factors. These include the protracted trade war, stronger Baht and substantial declines in our automobile shipments to major markets, namely Australia, as they are experienc... Read more

8 Aug 2019


Electric vehicle sales in 2019 expected to reach 32,000 units, surging 61%, while overall vehicle sales growing only 1.8% (Business Brief No.3018)

For the vehicle market in 2019, KResearch views that although the auto market registered decent growth in 1H19, there are negative factors dragging on the market in 2H19, especially the Bank of Thailand’s measures to control auto loans approved by commercial banks. Consequently, auto sales in 2H19 ... Read more

18 Jul 2019


Over 22% of Thai Engine Parts Value May Disappear in 20 Years amid Growth in EV and Supply Chain Restructuring of Japanese Car Makers (Current Issue No.3009)

Growth in the global electric vehicle (EV) market currently has prompted Japanese car makers to restructure their supply chains by adopting horizontal specialization. Under this strategy, they have joined forces with their partners to develop a single platform. This has benefited Thai auto parts mak... Read more

28 Jun 2019


Green movement ... drives an expansion of bioplastics (Current Issue No.3002)

The “Green business trend” has prompted many countries to introduce campaigns to reduce the use of plastics which are not easily degradable, especially single-use plastics for food and beverage packaging. Therefore, renewable materials, namely bioplastics have seen a rapid growth with an average com... Read more

25 Jun 2019


Wood Pellets: Japanese market will drive outbound shipments from Thailand from 2020 (Current Issue No.3000)

KResearch views that the wood pellet market in Japan is expanding significantly to serve the local power sector. The demand for wood pellets in Japan is expected to increase to 5 million tons in 2022 from 1.2 million tons in 2019. However, Japan has the capacity to produce only 126,000 tons of wood ... Read more

14 Jun 2019


2019 Motorcycle Sales Projected to Shrink 2% on the Sluggish Economy while Environmental Measures May Drive Up Prices of Some Models in 2020 (Current Issue No.2999)

The government’s controls on air pollution, including the Euro 4 emission standards and new excise tax on motorcycles, based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are expected to be enforced at the beginning of 2020, will likely have a varying effect on motorcycle price ahead. ... Read more

22 May 2019


Competition among food delivery apps continues to push food delivery business to THB33-35 billion in 2019 (Current Issue No.2995)

Food delivery applications are an example of ‘digital disruption’, in which digital technology transforms not only consumer behavior but also restaurants’ food supply chains. Additionally, food ordering apps have propelled the food delivery business to enjoy an annual growth rate of over 10 percent ... Read more

17 May 2019


Plant-based protein … Production opportunity responding to the health movement (Current Issue No.2994)

With the growing popularity of plant-based protein, consumer behavior has begun to change. They have reduced their intake of meat and shifted toward protein derived from non-meat food sources. Meanwhile, there is an emerging movement advocating the consumption of plant-based protein instead of meat ... Read more

15 May 2019


Asia Markets to Boost 2019 Export Growth of Thai Big Bikes to 10% Export Value of Small Big Bikes to Overtake Large Big Bikes in 3 Years (Current Issue No.2993)

The domestic and export markets of Thai motorcycles have become saturated. However, the outlook for domestic sales and exports of big bikes remains promising. This has steadily attracted the world’s major big bike makers to invest in Thailand, making us one of the leading big bike manufacturing and ... Read more

10 May 2019


Demand for EV sensors in 5 years will reach 30 million units, surging around 58 percent annually (Current Issue No.2992)

KResearch expects that the demand for sensors, which are essential components for the automotive manufacturing in Thailand, will steadily increase. Due to stricter environmental measures to curb carbon emissions, automakers have placed higher attention on environmental and safety systems in their ne... Read more

13 Feb 2019


Hyper-Personalization… The technology trend of 2019 (Business Brief No.3787)

Amongst the most significant trends in technological development over 2019 will be the advent of Hyper-Personalization – the utilization of personalized Big Data for addressing the very specific needs for consumers. Compared to personalization, Hyper-Personalization goes further with respect to th... Read more

31 Jan 2019


Adoption of Euro 5 Emission Standards May Incur Extra Expenses for New Car (Current Issue No.2961)

Amid attempts to promote carmakers to adopt the Euro 5 emission standards for domestically-produced cars in 2021, aimed at addressing the PM2.5 dust particle problem over the long term, we at KResearch have assessed that the costs involved will force consumers to set aside extra expenses of at least... Read more

30 Jan 2019


Thailand is poised to produce over 430,000 units of EV batteries in 5 years, becoming 4th largest production base in Asia. (Current Issue No.2960)

The booming electric vehicle (EV) market in Thailand is increasingly evident in 2019 as a number of automakers have sought the Board of Investment (BOI)’s incentives to produce EVs here. KResearch forecasts that the EV market share in the next five years will increase to one-fourth, or 240,000 unit... Read more

26 Dec 2018


2019 Car Exports to Grow 1-4%, with Vietnam Offering Promising Outlook while Shipments to Europe May Shrink (Current Issue No.2951)

We at KResearch expect that Thai car exports will reach approximately 1.15-1.18 million units in 2019, increasing slightly by 1-4 percent over the 1.14 million units projected for 2018, due to a number of downside risks. These include volatile global trade that may dent purchasing power in our expor... Read more

26 Dec 2018


Thai HDD exports in 2019 are poised to top 250 million units following the rebound in the global computer market and a string of production relocations to Thailand. (Current Issue No.2949)

Thai hard disk drive (HDD) exports in 2019 are expected to continue growing, driven by a boom in computer HDD exports. KResearch estimates that overall HDD exports in 2019 will reach around 252 million-262 million units, increasing between 3.6 and 7.8 percent when compared to 2018, equivalent to USD... Read more

12 Dec 2018


2019 Sales of Electric Vehicles to Exceed 37,000 Units while Thai Car Market Likely to Shrink by 2-5% (Current Issue No.2945)

Currently, there is a transition in the global automotive industry toward environment-friendly cars. Thailand as one of the world’s leading car production bases has followed suit. Following the debut of domestically-assembled eco-cars in 2010, the country is now a leading environment-friendly car ma... Read more

30 Nov 2018


Sugarcane waste management can create an extra source of net income of THB1 billion for farmers. (Current Issue No.2942)

Sugarcane leaves and tops, once considered residue in the sugarcane plantation field, can be used to add economic value and income for sugarcane growers. In the 2017/2018 crop year, the combined amount of sugarcane leaves and tops reached 22.94 million tons. KResearch estimates that, based on the ... Read more

16 Nov 2018


Thai Auto Tire Exports to North America Remain Competitive (Current Issue No.2938)

Currently, Thailand is the world’s third largest auto tire exporting country after China and Germany. In 2017, Thai auto tire shipments reached over USD3.9 billion. We at KResearch are of the view that the Thai auto tire industry will undergo a major change again in the near future as Thailand will ... Read more

19 Oct 2018


Digital asset market: Liquidity issue heightens price volatilities, technology news is most influential factor (Business Brief No.3766)

The digital asset market is facing an inadequate balance of assets and a lack of liquidity in its trading. Currently, Bitcoin is the dominant digital asset that captures more than half of the market; its market share is by far larger than the second and third currencies, i.e. Ethereum and Ripple ea... Read more

25 Sep 2018


Digital ID bill paves the way for Thailand to enter the digital era (Business Brief No.3762)

Under the Digital Identification bill, a National Digital Identification (NDID) committee will be set up to govern digital authentication, which will announce additional regulations for Digital ID. The Digital ID bill empowers the committee to regulate three areas: 1) digital identificatio... Read more

7 Sep 2018


2018 mooncake market to reach THB930 million, driven by demands for consumption and gifts (Current Issue No. 2926)

The mooncake market in 2018 is estimated to enjoy an increase by 3.3 percent YoY to reach THB930 million after the sales registered a status quo in 2017. The demands are driven by customers’ desire to buy mooncakes for their personal consumption or presenting them as gifts to others. This year, moon... Read more

9 Jul 2018


KR Survey: Plug-in hybrid is No. 1 choice, propelling charging station business with location being the key to achieve break-even point (Current Issue No. 2919)

The adequacy of electric charging station infrastructure is the biggest concern of most consumers. Nonetheless, there are now a small number of plug-in EVs on the roads. According to the KResearch forecast, there will be only around 51,300 plug-in EVs by 2019, while more than 1,000 charging stations... Read more

11 Jun 2018


FIFA World Cup to Boost Advertising Spending by 9 percent (Current Issue No. 2915)

All 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, scheduled for June 14 – July 15, 2018 in Russia, will be broadcast live on three TV channels. There are nine official sponsors of such live streaming. This football phenomenon is expected to garner huge interest from Thai fans, given the favorable timing ... Read more

8 Jun 2018


2018 FIFA World Cup to Attract 10.96 Million Viewers and Boost Consumer Product Sales by THB6.685 Billion (Current Issue No. 2914)

The FIFA World Cup is one of the top sporting events that attracts a fair amount of Thai viewers. A survey conducted by KResearch recently on behavior of the Thai audience and their spending during the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia, June 14-July 2018, shows that some 10.96 million Thai p... Read more

13 Feb 2018


Sugar Prices Floated Turning Point in Thai Cane and Sugar Industry (Current Issue No. 2885 Full Ed.)

KResearch views that a Cabinet resolution dated December 4, 2017, approving a cut in government subsidies and intervention into sugar pr... Read more

24 Jan 2018


Vietnam’s new rule on auto industry impeding Thai exports Growth expected in other markets (Current Issue No. 2897 Full Ed.)

Beginning January 1, 2018, Vietnam's import tariffs on automobiles from ASEAN member states have been slashed to zero percent, in accordance with... Read more

29 Dec 2017


Wireless Telecommunication Market to rise 5.9% in 2018 but Growth slowing amid Fierce Competition (Current Issue No. 2892 Full Ed.)

KResearch views that Thailand's wireless telecommunication market growth will slow somewhat in 2018 on strong competition, particularl... Read more

27 Dec 2017


Thai Auto Market Likely Growing 2-5% in 2018 Offering Scores of Choices and Innovations (Current Issue No. 2890 Full Ed.)

Thailand's auto market has exhibited a turnaround in 2017 after four years of contraction. The major impetus for this could be the recovering purch... Read more

24 Nov 2017


Car Rentals, 2018: Growing 6-8%, Driven by Logistics Service and Tourism (Current Issue No. 2882)

We at KReseach expect that turnover within the car rental market here will probably reach THB42.5 billion in 2017, increasing 9 perce... Read more