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Industry Outlook Analysis

13 Sep 2019


Income Guarantee for Rice, Rubber and Oil Palm Farmers to Bolster 2019 Farm Income Growth to 3.5-3.8% (Current Issue No.3031)

As part of the efforts to lift farm income, the government has a policy of guaranteeing income for farmers growing important crops: i.e., rice, rubber, oil palm, sugarcane, cassava and maize, during 4Q19. The Cabinet, August 27, 2019, approved the income guarantee program for rice farmers for the fi... Read more

28 Aug 2019


Supply shortage pushes glutinous rice prices up and it is expected to increase expenditures on food by 2.3-3.2% (Current Issue No.3027)

Domestic prices of glutinous rice rose sharply due to a supply shortage of glutinous paddy during the main crop season 2018/2019 as farmers shifted to grow more Hom Mali fragrant rice. Therefore, the main-crop glutinous rice output fell 1.18 percent YoY. Moreover, the widespread drought, resulting i... Read more

23 Jul 2019


Off-season drought in 2019 hits output of main season rice crop…damaging over THB15 billion (Current Issue No.3011)

The off-season drought situation in 2019 (May-July 2019) has caused extensive damage. The influence of a mild El Nino condition has resulted in lower than normal rainfall. The amount of water in the dams remains low, adversely affecting main agricultural products such as in-season rice that farmer... Read more

22 Jul 2019


Cassava mosaic virus may not damage output in 2019...but still poses challenges for the government to manage (Current Issue No.3010)

Regarding the ongoing cassava mosaic virus epidemic, KResearch views that in 2019 the cassava mosaic virus epidemic may not damage the overall cassava output for this year because normally a small amount of cassava will enter the market in the second half of the year. The cassava price in 2H19 is li... Read more

9 Jul 2019


2019 Thai Chicken Exports to China Projected to Skyrocket over 265% amid ASF Outbreak and China’s Opening Up its Market to Import Chicken Products from Thailand (Current Issue No.3006)

Due to China’s African swine fever (ASF) outbreak, China may experience the shortage of pork meat for domestic consumption and need to import other protein sources from other countries. We at KResearch view that the incident will likely benefit Thai livestock products, especially chicken products ex... Read more

10 May 2019


Prolonged Drought in 2019 May Result in about THB1 Billion in Economic Loss (Current Issue No.2991)

As drought is projected to last until July 2019 instead of the end of May forecasted before, based on low water levels in reservoirs, especially in the central and northeastern regions, and the delay in rainfalls during June-July 2019, it is expected that the second-season rice and sugarcane, which ... Read more

23 Apr 2019


Rubber price may increase slightly in 2Q19 but pressure persists throughout this year (Current Issue No.2983)

The attempt by the three natural rubber producing countries (Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia) to boost rubber prices in 2Q19 by curbing rubber exports by 240,000 metric tons for four months from April-July 2019 amid the downward trend of rubber prices may prop up rubber prices somewhat. The measur... Read more

6 Mar 2019


Drought in 2019 expected to cause economic losses of around THB15.3 billion (Current Issue No.2972)

Signs of drought in 2019 are imminent as the summer has come sooner and is expected to last longer than in previous years, affecting rainfall amounts and lowering water levels in the country’s major reservoirs. KResearch holds the view that this year’s drought could persist through the month of May.... Read more

15 Feb 2019


Plant factories… unveil a new chapter in Thai agriculture with its cost expected to be 20 % cheaper in 3 yearv (Current Issue No.2967)

KResearch holds the view that plant factories present a new and interesting option for farmers to use as a farming tool because of its precision in controlling farming environments by using technology and innovation. Plant factories answer the demands of the Agriculture 4.0 era by increasing agricul... Read more

24 Jan 2019


EU’s Removal of “Yellow Card” Warning Improves Thai Fishing Industry’s Image…2019 Seafood Exports to EU Projected to Grow 0.0-2.0% (Current Issue No.2958)

On January 8, 2019, the European Union (EU) announced to lift the so-called “Yellow Card” or warning on Thailand for our substantial progress in tackling illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Although the removal helps improve the image of Thai seafood products, such exports the EU wil... Read more

10 Jan 2019


Farm income in 2019…relies primarily on government measures. (Current Issue No.2954)

In 2019, KResearch views that the government’s agricultural assistance policies will be crucial for the farm sector. The government’s ongoing farm support measures which follow up on the projects implemented in the previous year, especially the short-term ones, including direct subsidy and income su... Read more

15 Feb 2018


Rice and Cassava Prices Continue to Grow in 2018 But Close Attention Needed toward Other Farm Produce (Current Issue No. 2902 Full Ed.)

KResearch views that the price trends seen in major agricultural produce are already showing a mixed picture in 2018. Some produce are projected to gain higher prices, e.g., rice and cassava, which should return to price gains after less appealing prices in 2017, increasing 2.0 and 21.4 percent YoY ... Read more

21 Dec 2017


Higher Rubber Prices Expected for 1Q18 … But Full-Year Average should be Watched (Current Issue No. 2886 Full Ed.)

KResearch views that rubber prices will likely rise during the first quarter of 2018 (‘1Q18'), given positive factors that include... Read more