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21 Jun 2019

Financial Markets

The Baht recorded a 6-year high, while the SET hit its highest level in 8 months.

         The SET index hit a new record high at 1,727.83 before ending the week at 1,717.14 points, up 2.68% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB75,145.66 million, up 56.78% over-week. The mai closed at 359.30 points, up 0.97% over-week.

          The SET index fell early in the week due to foreign investor sell-offs,  but it  soared up later due to supportive factors including the progress on the formation of the new government, optimism toward the US-China trade negotiation progress, the Fed's  rate-cut signals as well as foreign investors' net purchases of Thai stocks. However, the SET index paired gains somewhat at the end of the week amid pressure from negative growth of Thailand's May exports.


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Financial Markets